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Our Programs

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture adheres to the principles of economic profitability, human and social equity, and environmental friendliness. BellaTerra strives to promote the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices among agricultural practitioners in China. We facilitate the localization of global standards and tools and provide customized solutions through training and workshops.

In 2021, BellaTerra Consulting Management (Shanghai) Company Limited became the authorized representative of SAI Platform in China. SAI Platform is the world’s leading value chain initiative for food and beverage and sustainable agriculture with more than 170 global members.

Strategic Consulting

BellaTerra provides strategic consulting and capacity building and facilitates in dialogues and policy development to promote the sustainable sourcing of agricultural products. We work with companies and their suppliers to evaluate environmental and social risks for the sourcing of raw materials. We provide tools, standards, and capacity building through tailor-made approaches to help companies and policymakers achieve forest-friendly and sustainable supply chains.

Global supply chains are long and complex, often with hidden or unknown social and environmental impacts. Sustainable sourcing is becoming a key priority for food and agriculture companies worldwide. Global commodities such as cattle, soybeans, palm oil, coffee, and cocoa are major drivers of deforestation and land-use change contributing to GHG emissions and biodiversity loss. Forest protection is at the heart of BellaTerra’s work, with forests as a nature-based solution to develop more sustainable supply chains.

Sustainable Sourcing

BellaTerra is supporting efforts to promote sustainable consumption worldwide. Sustainable consumption is key to combating climate change, reducing pollution, protecting biodiversity and achieving human-wellbeing. We recognize that nature is the foundation to our food systems to nurture people with healthy and nutritious food to sustain high-quality life and prosperity for all. In China, sustainable consumption is key to achieving the green and low-carbon transformation. BellaTerra works with governments, academia and the public to conduct research, provide insights, organize events and promote change.

Youth Empowerment

BellaTerra recognizes the leading roles of youth everywhere to address global sustainability issues. We support youth who are interested in building capacity, open dialogues, or work on issues in the world of sustainability. BellaTerra is working with a diverse group of organizations and experts in China and world-wide to support actions on the ground. For this reason, BellaTerra along with partners WildBound and the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) co-initiated the Changemakers for Nature initiative to educate and raise awareness amongst young people around the importance of global forest and biodiversity protection worldwide.