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Sustainability Services

Strategy Consulting

  • We help companies to develop their sustainable corporate strategies
  • We support companies to develop strategic communications and positioning
  • We provide policy monitoring and marketing intelligence
  • We support clients to develop annual Reports including ESG Reports, Sustainability Reports, and CSR Reports

Capacity Building

  • We provide and facilitate in trainings, workshops, webinars and meetings
  • We support and develop systematic training materials
  • We provide guidance in review, evaluation and assessment of the capacity building process

Stakeholder Engagement

  • We conduct stakeholders’ analysis and mapping
  • We develop engagement strategies and help clients with reputation building
  • We advise clients in market entry and access
  • We provide a global network to facilitate in international exchanges

Tools & Standards Development

  • We support in sustainable standards development and localization
  • We support clients and suppliers in the standards implementation through a supply chain strategy
  • We help clients develop a marketing and promotion strategy of the standards
  • We support clients through a continuous improvement framework